304-257-1414 / 1-800-565-7240

Keyser – Piedmont

(Operates Monday through Friday)

To Piedmont

Keyser Square 8:20a 10:30a 1:25p 4:30p
McCoole 8:24a 10:34a 1:29p 4:34p
Tri-Towns 8:28a 10:38a 1:33p 4:38p
Western Port 8:32a 10:42a 1:37p 4:42p
Piedmont Downtown 8:35a 10:45a 1:40p 4:45p
Jones Apts. Piedmont 8:37a 10:47a 1:42p 4:47p

To Keyser

Jones Apts. Piedmont 8:45a 10:55a 1:50p 4:55p
Piedmont Downtown 8:47a 10:57a 1:52p 4:57p
Western Port 8:50a 11:00a 1:55p 5:00p
Tri-Towns 8:54a 11:04a 1:59p 5:04p
McCoole 8:58a 11:08a 2:03p 5:08p
Keyser Square 9:02a 11:12a 2:07p 5:12p