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Keyser – Moorefield Pilgrim’s Pride

Operates Monday through Friday unless otherwise noted.

To Pilgrims Pride

Keyser Square 5:35a **** *8:35p
7-Eleven 5:40a 3:35p *8:40p
Wal-Mart 5:45a 3:42p * 8:47p
Knobley Farms 5:52a 3:50p *8:54p
Burlington (Fire Dept) 6:05a 4:00p *9:04p
Junction 6:15a 4:05p *9:10p
Purgitsville (Post Office) 6:25a 4:15p *9:20p
Pilgrim’s Pride 6:40a 4:30p *9:35p

To Keyser

Pilgrim’s   Pride 8:00a 5:00p
Purgitsville(Post Office) 8:22a 5:15p
Junction 8:33a 5:25p
Burlington(Fire Dept) 8:40a 5:31p
Knobley Farms 8:46a 5:41p
Wal-Mart 8:51a 5:48p
7-Eleven 8:55a 5:55p
Keyser Square 9:00a 6:00p

Keyser-Moorefield Pilgrim's Pride