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Franklin – Petersburg – Moorefield

Operates Monday and Wednesday

Moorefield to Franklin

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Wal-Mart —- 10:10a 1:05p
Moorefield Shop ‘n Save —- 10:15a 1:08p
Lee Street Apartments —- 10:25a 1:11p
Moorefield Downtown —- 10:28a 1:14p
Moorefield Food Lion —- 10:35a 1:17p
Durgon —- 10:50a 1:30p
Petersburg Shop ‘n Save —- 10:58a 1:40p
Riverview Apartments —- 11:01a 1:45p
Grant Memorial Hospital —- 11:03a 1:47p
Downtown Petersburg —- 11:05a 1:50p
Woodland Terrace Apartments 7:00a 11:08a 1:56p
Downtown Petersburg 7:10a —- —-
Landes 7:25a —- 2:09p
Upper Tract 7:35a —- 2:25p
Ruddle 7:45a —- 2:35p
Franklin (Thompson’s) 7:52a —- 2:48p
Franklin Courthouse 7:55a —- 2:55p

Franklin to Moorefield

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Franklin Courthouse 8:00a —- 2:55p
Franklin (Thompson’s) 8:10a —- 2:58p
Ruddle 8:15a —- 3:05p
Upper Tract 8:25a —- 3:15p
Landes 8:35a —- 3:25p
Downtown Petersburg —– —- 3:45p
Woodland Terrace Apartments 8:52a 12:10p —-
Downtown Petersburg 8:58a 12:16p —-
Riverview Apartments 9:02a 12:20p —-
Grant Memorial Hospital 9:05a 12:24p —-
Petersburg Shop ‘n Save 9:14a 12:28p —-
Durgon 9:25a 12:38p —-
Moorefield Food Lion 9:38a 12:48p —-
Moorefield Downtown 9:40a 12:51p —-
Lee Street Apartments 9:44a 12:57p —-
Moorefield Shop ‘n Save 9:47a 12:59p —-
Wal-Mart 9:50a   1:03p —-